HKU VYT 2020 Champion

Qiuying LIAO

PhD, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

Visualise Your Thesis is an exciting competition introduced by The University of Melbourne that challenges graduate researchers to present their research in a 60-second, eye-catching digital display. Using a pre-supplied template, research postgraduate students are tasked with developing a striking looped presentation to encapsulate their research projects in short, engaging, digital narratives.

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In this climate of knowledge exchange and community engagement, communicating to an audience outside the Academy is becoming increasingly important for research professionals.

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Competition submissions are judged on their visual impact, and how well the content presents the research to a non-specialist audience. The digital format allows for different levels of creativity, multi-media, interactivity and interpretation and is suitable for all disciplines.

The HKU Visualise Your Thesis Competition (HKU VYT) is an annual event organised by the Knowledge Exchange Office (KEO), with support from the Graduate School. 

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Registration Deadline: 5pm on July 7, 2020 (NO late registrations will be accepted)