Submission Checklist

Please complete the submission checklist and submit it with your entry.

  1. I have discussed my entry and potential implications for prior publication and intellectual property with my supervisor and have completed the declaration form with my primary supervisor’s endorsement.

  2. This work is my own; where I have received advice or assistance this has been acknowledged.

  3. My entry is in PowerPoint file .pptx format.

  4. My entry – excluding title and reference slides – displays for no more than 60 seconds.

  5. The slides are set to advance automatically, and video and audio starts automatically. 

  6. The PowerPoint file size is no more than 100 MB.

  7. My entry has no separate media files or links to online content, i.e. all media is embedded in the PowerPoint file.

  8. My entry has been tested using PowerPoint 2016 for Windows.

  9. The title slide and reference slide(s) are included and are updated with my details.

  10. I have included a valid ORCID on title slide. (Register for an ORCID ID)

  11. My entry has been proof-read.

  12. If sound or voiceover was used in a way that conveys substantive information, captions have been provided for accessibility.

  13. My reference slide includes all resources (including usage permissions and licences) used to create my entry.

  14. Citations include any media used or created, including images, audio and video files.

  15. The use of media, including images, audio and video files, complies with the competition’s copyright rules.

  16. If any content was created in third-party applications, appropriate licences have been obtained.

  17. Acknowledgements include people, or groups, who helped with my project or entry.

For enquiries, please contact KEO (tel: 3917 0465; email: