Can I change the layout and design of PowerPoint template for my entry?

Yes and no! As long as you retain the pre-formatted bookend slides, i.e. the title and references, you are free to add your own content – this can be in the form of images, video and/or audio, and does not have to be just text.

Can I include audio in my entry?

Yes, you can include audio in your entry but consider that the maximum file size for your entry is 100 MB. Please make sure that any audio material is copyright compliant and referenced appropriately. Considering the nature of the competition, which emphasises visualising your thesis, we recommend that audio is used to enhance, not carry an entry – your entry should able to stand on its own, without the audio elements.

The University of Melbourne is committed to creating an accessible International Competition gallery, so if your entry progresses to the International Competition you may be required to provide an audio transcript.

How long should my entry be?

There is a 60 second time limit for entries; however, you can include as few or as many slides as you wish, keeping in mind that:

  • You must include the first slide and last slide, i.e. the title slide and references slides
  • Your presentation (excluding bookend slides) should run for a maximum of 60 seconds
  • Your title and reference slide(s) should run for 5 seconds each
  • The maximum file size for your PowerPoint file is 100 MB

​Can I include images, music or other audio-visual items that I find on the web in my entry?

You can, provided that the material is copyright compliant and/or you have the appropriate licences and permissions to reproduce it. Broad categories that web-sourced material you use should fall into are

  • Creative Commons licensed material (excluding material with a Share-alike (SA) or Noncommercial (NC) licence)
  • Public Domain works (= materials which are not protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws)
  • Material under license or with permission

For more information, please refer to the copyright resources and videos on the 2019 Visualise Your Thesis International Competition website (https://research.unimelb.edu.au/visualiseyourthesis#faq) and the resources on HKU Libraries website (https://lib.hku.hk/copyright/). You are also required to watch the recording of the KE seminar on ‘Copyright and Creative Commons for Educators’ by Associate Professor Alice Lee of the Department of Law in order to familiarise yourself with the fundamentals of copyright before preparing your slide.

Make sure that all materials used in your entry are be cited, regardless of source.

Where can I find free images, music or other audio-visual items to use in my entry?

There are numerous websites which provide access to Open Access images – Pixabay, Unsplash, and Snappy Goat are a few examples. Many archives and libraries (including the British Library) make their digitised collections available via Flickr Commons – Flickr being another popular image hosting website.

For music, sites like Incompetech, MuseOpen and ccMixter offer Creative Commons-licenced content. CC Search links to media, image and music platforms with content you can use and remix.

Make sure to check the individual licence of any object you are thinking of using, and include appropriate citations in the reference slide of your entry.

Do I have to create my entire entry in PowerPoint?

No. You are welcome to create content outside of PowerPoint, then embed it into the template (retaining the title and reference slides). If you create content in third-party applications (such as animation tools), make sure that you have the appropriate permissions or licences, and note these on your reference slide. Many tools offer a free account, but make sure to check the Terms of Use.

I’m enrolled for a degree that has a thesis component – can I enter the competition?

HKU VYT competition is open to all HKU MPhil and PhD students whose candidature have been confirmed. Students are permitted to enter the competition twice during their candidature (but the second entry in a subsequent year must involve substantial revision to show research progress).

I’m on a leave of absence, can I still submit an entry?

No. Only currently-enrolled MPhil and PhD students who are active and attending are eligible to enter the competition. If you are on a leave of absence, unfortunately you are not eligible to enter. If your candidature has lapsed you are also ineligible to enter the competition.

I’m affiliated with a research institute and a university and both run a VYT competition. Can I enter twice?

No. You can only enter once, so you will have to decide whether you would like to represent your university or research institute.

Got a question that is not included here?

Please email us at keoffice@hku.hk.