Impact (1-20 points)

  • How well designed, creative, innovative and engaging is the entry?

  • Is it visually striking and memorable?

  • Does it attract from a distance and deliver details close up?

  • Does it make a good first impression and then offer rich content on further examination?

  • Does it make the most of the available technology?

  • Were the timings, transitions and effects aligned to fit the 60 second timeframe?

Sound (optional; the following criteria may not apply to every entry)

  • If sound was used to convey information, was accessibility considered, e.g. by providing captions for voiceovers?

  • Did the music/sound contribute to the impact of the presentation?

  • Was the sound/music in keeping with the mood/style of the presentation?


Content (1-20 points)

  • Does the entry provide an understanding of the research question being addressed, its significance, and potential impact?

  • Is the research communicated in language appropriate to a non-specialist audience?

  • Is the entry free from jargon, unexplained acronyms and incomprehensible technical terms?

  • Does the entry leave you inspired and curious?


Scholarly Citizenship (1-20 points)

  • Does the entry include complete and correct references for any resources used to create the entry? Including: citation of any images, audio, video, tools and data.

  • Does the entry include a valid ORCID on the title slide?

  • Copyright – material included in the entry complies with the copyright rules of the competition, and the entry contains only material that falls into the following categories:

  • Original content created by the student themselves.

  • Does the entry include acknowledgements for other people or groups who helped with the project or entry?

The judging panel will include representatives of the Graduate School and KEO, and other senior academics.